Website not working -Out Of Memory Fatal Error Solution

Solution Of Fatal Error - Out Of Memory allocated For Not Working Website This is a major problem in website when traffic increased but website...




How To Install Whatsapp In Windows Or Mac Without Bluestacks

Whatsapp release new desktop (.exe or .jar) versions to install whatsapp in windows or Mac pc . Before this version user can install whatsapp.apk...



How To Find Database Name In PrestaShop

Step to Find Database Name For your Prestashop website Prestashop database name is required for many purposes such as mass changes in your store ,...


Install Whatsapp On Ipad Step By Step Guide

Download And Install Whatsapp on Ipad To Download and install whatsapp on ipad you have to follow these steps Plug in your iPad or iPod...

How to Choose Your Next Smartphone?

Over the past few years, phones have become complex with more features available to consumers. As a result, you need to be able to...

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