Step by Step Guide Add Or Remove Multiple Website To approved adsense account

An Adsense publisher can add multiple websites in one adsense approved account . To add other websites or other content to already approved adsense account , all of other website or content may also fulfilled the eligibility criteria . Otherwise the parent account is may also disabled by Google ad sense.

Go to Site Management

To add new website or content ,login to your adsense account . Click on gear icon on the top right corner . In the account settings click on “site management” tab in left menu .


Gear icon and add site texbox in adsense account
Gear icon and add site texbox


Add domain name

Click on “Owned” Tab in site management page . Add website domain name in the text box just below “Owned” tab . Click “Add Site” button .

Suppose you want to add new website in your existing account then type “” in text box and click add site button .

With this way you can add multiple websites in one account .

Remove website


Remove domain from adsense account
Remove domain from account


If you want to remove any of website from this account then select the domain by check the check box . After select domain “Remove” button is enabled . Click remove button to remove website from this account .

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