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This Category contains all the articles and tutorials about electronics, like hardware ,components ,testing, and working of them
what is cpu

CPU-Central Processing Unit Of Computer and Its Parts

What is CPU ? CPU of computer is also know as central processing unit of  a computer.As the represent its name it is used in...
What is LEd display

What Is LED And LED Display In Electronic Devices

What is LED display ? LED is future of electronics.LED means light emitting diode.So an led display is a display with light emitting diode.In Led...
What is an Accelerometer sensor

What is an Accelerometer sensor

Accelerometer sensor is capable for  a vast range of sensing.A sensor is a device which detects or measures a physical property, records it, indicates it, or...
HTC Desire 816G

HTC Desire 816G Features and Specification

HTC smartphone HTC Desire 816G launched at the event was a 3G-only version of the HTC Desire 816, called the Desire 816G.Its price in india...
Complete Knowledge about Wi-Fi and its Types

Complete Knowledge about WiFi and its Types

What is WiFi(Wi-Fi)and its Types Wi-Fi is the name of a popular wireless networking technology or wireless file transfer system.In this technology radio waves are used to...

Motors working ,uses and types

Motors working ,uses and types What is a Motor? An electric motor is an electric machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. A Motor is like a heart of all machines.In normal...

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