Long Distance Relationships

When all of  two partners working and both of live at distance due to job of any other reason,then most of conditions both are feeling uncomfortable and insecure.In this case you have to take care more about your have to follow the following tips to maintain long distance relationships.

Tip- 1  Stay romantic about your partner

Start your day with send a romantic message to your partner. Avoid to ask the silly questions like what do you eat today, where do you want to go today, what are you doing today. After a romantic talk through messages ,you and your partner feel very close and comfortable.

Five Tips To Maintain Long Distance Relationships
Five Tips To Maintain Long Distance Relationships

Tip- 2  Talk daily on phone

Talk daily on phone with your partner even you are very busy in your work or even you are very tired.To avoid phone call and avoid talk is a very serious mistake is long distance relationships.So talk daily even your talk is just two or three minutes in a day.

Tip-3  Feel your work during talk

When you are talking on phone then do some cooking ,watching TV  channel ,listing music.with this way you will find partner’s tendency about your work ,And your are also feel your partner is with you. So finally It mean don’t just talk

Tip-4 Don’t ask more questions

Avoid to ask more questions. the questions like, when will you come ? or are you love with me as same as you in past ? avoid for force your partner to do something.with this way your partner feel frustration.

Tip-5 Do Surprise visit

Give your partner surprise visit.For this ,take leave for some time from your work without telling your partner.With this simple step your partner feel very happy emotionally and think that you are also feeling alone without him or her.

With follow these simple steps you can energize and maintain your long distance relationships.

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