Step by step guide to delete google plus account

Before delete your google plus profile notice that all of data uploaded on google will be lost .To delete a Google Plus Profile follow these steps.

Go to and open your Google+ account .

On main page go to upper left corner , locate Home tab and click on it . In drop down menu find the option “Settings” .




Scroll down google settings page to end and find the option “Disable Google+” .Then click on the link “Delete your entire Google profile here” . To open this page you have to require your sign password . All of services are displayed in this page those are disabled or deleted after delete the Google+ Account . So be careful before remove the account .

Because data of deleted account can’t be recovered .

Delete Account


check the check box to require button
check the check box to require button

Check the check box also unfollow me from ……….. Google products . If you don’t wan’t to followed by google .

Check the check box “Required:” Yes, I understand that deleting the Google+ profile …………………………………. and the data I delete can’t be restored to enable the delete button .