YouTube is a largest database of videos. After changes in YouTube policies it only allow users can only watch videos on their browser. Most of users want to save videos to their computer or their smartphone, so they can watch videos without connected to Internet. There are some techniques for downloading and watching YouTube videos on your computer for free.

For Download YouTube videos to computer two techniques are preferred.

Download Video with clipgrab

Download Video with clipgrab
Download Video with clipgrab
  1. Download a computer application clipgrab.For download clipgrab click here.Click on the free download button .Save the application in anywhere on desktop.Then double click to install. after installation. Run clip grab.Write the url of youtube video which you want to download.
  2. After enter video url in clipgrab .Choose video format for download by click on format tab.By default format is original.You can choose mpeg4 , mp3 , wmv , OGG  formats by choose format.
  3. Choose video quality by click on quality tab. By default quality is “HD 1080” it means high definition video quality.. choose your preffred quality and click on Grab this clip tab .Save anywhere in computer or smartphone or mobile after download video you can view this video later without internet connection.
  4. You can also search youtube videos by clicking on search tab  on upper left side of clip grab screen.