i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03

Bluetooth connected  i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03 mouse is a invitation is the solution to rid off, bunch of USB wires.I ball wire wireless FreeGo BT03 is also a great product by i ball.Here i describe the features and technical specification of i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03 mouse.

Features of i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03

i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03
i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03

This gadget is supported with 2.4 GHz Bluetooth wireless technology.2.4 GHz mean very quick response time.So i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03 is more accurate and better control.

i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03 Connect directly without any receiver to Notebook , Tablets and PC.Which have built-in Bluetooth wireless technology.
i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03 has Blue Eye Optical  technology allows precise cursor control on virtually every surface. Normal mouse not working properly on glossy and polished surfaces.But i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03 Supports broad range of non-standard surfaces as Glossy, Polished desk, Granite counter, Ceramic tile, Metal, Lacquered tabletops, Glass and many more.
Comfortable to use either hand.This mouse is operated with two “AAA” batteries normally used in television or led remote. For save battery Power On/Off Switch provided down side of mouse.

Specifications of i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03

i Ball wireless FreeGo-BT03 is very high resolution mouse with 1600 CPI.A standard computer mouse is at 400 dots per inch (DPI), whereas a high-definition mouse generates data at 800 DPI or greater.So it means this is a better gaming mouse with powerful control. i Ball wireless FreeGo-BT03 is supported with Bluetooth version 3.0. So give you better connectivity.
Operating Distance of this bBluetoothgadget is up to 10 meters. Most of other Bluetooth mouse you same with less price accordingly.
Working Time
About 100 Hours
 Standby Time
Stand by time is when your gadget is still on but not being used ie: the power is on but not in use ,This i Ball wireless FreeGo BT03 mouse standby time is  2000 Hours according i Ball.
9.8(L) x 5.7(W) x 3.6(H) cm
55 gm
This is the specification and features of this gadget. If you have some experience about this gadget write your review or give rank to this gadget.