Steps to create new group in whatsapp

Open whatsapp application

Click on the whatsapp icon in your android phone.when whatsapp in open click on left lower button of your mobile phone the new window is open on screen.Six options are displayed in the window. New chat,new group,new broadcast,contacts,settings and status.

choose name for whatsapp group

Click on New group tab in new window.Write your desired group name in the text field and click next.

Tips To Create new group in Whatsapp
Tips To Create new group in Whatsapp

Add new group members in group

This will create the new group.To add contacts in the new group search or write the contact number or person name in the search field.Choose the contact to add in group.You can add upto 50 contacts in one group.

Add group members in whatsapp group
Add group members in whatsapp group

After add contacts in the group, new group is displayed in the whats app contact list.when you send a message to one group of whats app,It is send to all members of the group.

for video tutorial about create whats app group see the following video.