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12 Tips To Really Speed Up Website Loading


Fast loading websites are favorites of search engines as well as website visitors . A speed up page loading plays a big roll to increase traffic of website . According to  research if any website take more that 5 sec to load then it is disliked by visitors . Using the following 12 tips you can reduce your website loading time .

Avoid Flash and animations if not required

Avoid flash and animations is webpage if they are not required . Because flash and animations increase the page load so that webpage take more time to load .

Most of major websites such as Google, Facebook , Twitter , Instagram etc not use flash for animation .One more negative impact of flash is that , text placed in it not readable by search engines .

Choose Good Web Hosting Reduce Loading Time

A good web hosting has also a big role in website loading speed . Good web hosting means low response time after receive request .Learn it by following example.

When someone type your website url in web browser and hit enter . Web browser send http request to web server . Server recieve the request and repose it back to web browser . So it is obvious ,low resposne time means fast sending response to web browser . And Web browser load the web page more quickely .

So choose the Good web hosting company to decrease page loading time

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Avoid third party plugins ,modules and javascripts Can Speed Up Loading

Avoid the use of third party plugins ,modules and JavaScript if you can . In web development scripts such as wordpress ,prestashop and magneto etc has many free and premium plugins and modules are available .

These third party plugins and modules have many useless and unsecured scripts . These scripts run simultaneously with your other scripts . All of major web browsers such as chrome, firefox, safari check and hold or block these type of scripts .

So over scripting also increase page loading time . This is the reason to avoid third party plugins , scripts and modules if you can avoid .

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Place all CSS and .JS files at end of the page

Stylesheet files or .css files and javascript files are also increase waiting time of web browser . When you place the .js files and .css file on head section of webpage , Then during page loading web browser wait for while till all .css and .js code are not loaded to it . DOM is loaded after .css and .js loading .

By waiting of .css and .js loading , webpage take more time to load .

The solution is place all .css and .js file at the end of the page just before </body> tag . Only those javascript file place on head section which are used for form validations or page security purpose .

Optimize images according content Reduce Page Load

Big size image take more time to load and small size image less time . But it is not possible to place only small size images on your web page . So the solution is optimize all of images of website .

With image optimization a normal image converted into websafe image and compressed upto 10 times without losing quality . You can use online image optimizer such imageoptimizer.net  Or Optimize images using photo editing software such as adobe photoshop .

Use Compressed .js and .css files

Use compressed version of javascripts and cascading style sheet . Removing extra white spaces and shorting of code such as #ffffff for white color to #fff . Use minified version of javascript and bootstrap .

After development you can compress scripts and css with online compressor such as “Google minify resources” It save upto 10% space of css and javascript files . Short size file means short loading time .

Use HTML compression on delivery



Use Compressed HTML on content delivery . With this way extra white spaces and comments are removed . You can short your HTML size upto 15% with it .

Use functions to strip or compress html on delivery for php , asp . Or compress HTML by using .htaccess file or online html compressor . With compressed html delivery  speed up page loading .

Compress HTML in PHP

Use Browser caching Increase Page Loading Speed

With Browser caching images and scripts stored on visitor web browser for future . So that when user come again to your web page ,browser no need to reload all image and scripts from server . This will save your bandwidth and also speed up page loading .

CDN or Content delivery Network

Content delivery network such as MAX CDN is used to store and retrieve website images . CDN or content delivery networks are reduce server’s load and provide images to your website visitor from any other server rather than your web hosting server .

CDN server is diffrent form web hosting from web hosting server .So the requests load is divided into two servers . And speed up website loading time upto 25% .

Avoid Redirects

By avoid redirect can speed up your page loading . Redirects increase the server response process ,so avoid or reduce redirects on your webpage .

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Use Asynchronous Javascript if you can

There is two type of scripts Asynchronous and synchronous . Sycronous type scripts load before DOM elements loading and Asynchronous scripts load simultaneously with DOM loading . Asynchronous type of scripts not interrupt DOM elements loading .

Adsense ads are example of Asynchronous and synchronous scripts . Those website which use asynchronous ad codes load more faster than synchronous ad code users .

So use Asynchronous scripts if you can .

Combine internal javascript and jquery files

By combine internal javascritps and css files you can reduce your page size . So use the combined javascripts and css files . It also reduce your page loading time .

Deploying these techniques on your website you can reduce your page loading time upto 25 % . And you will see a big change in your website SEO .