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16 Checkpoints To Create High Quality Content For Definite Success


If you are about to write content for B2B or B2C sites, it is worth to learn about the art of creating amazing content. Remember, to make really good content you need to erase triviality both from your mind and vocabulary. Actually it doesn’t matter which style or form you use, the high quality content itself must be special to attract attention, even if it is a question of competition.

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Content Quality Checklist

Does this mean that you have to spend 4 months of your life and $ 1 million to create a content that will be popular the whole next year?

Not at all. Follow the tips below – and you will increase the likelihood of getting the fame and generating the traffic to your webpage. Ready? Let’s roll.


General Tips

Whether you are writing for a B2B or B2C audience, there are general tips, following which you can create marketing texts and provide high quality content. In good content, 3 things are important. Firstly -what do you want to say. Secondly, how well content represents you as a brand and, thirdly, how much it facilitates establishing contact with your audience. Good content is when you can capture the attention of the reader. The blog shouldn’t be longer than 1500 characters.


Here is your checklist that will definitely help you out .

  1. Use the words “you” and “I” : They will help to create a feeling of conversation between you and your readers. It will “hold” them, encourage to finish reading and make them stay longer on the page.
  2. Be simple:  Do not try to use fashionable and / or obscure words in your message. If the content, you create can be understood by a fifth-grade student – everything is in order. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of readers.
  3. Closer to the point :  Nobody likes to read nonsense. The faster you get to the point, the better.
  4. Use subtitles-  Structured text is perceived much better and faster.
  5. Make your headline attractive . Urgently cause curiosity or give a promise! Make sure that your headline is attractive enough for people to want to read the rest of the content.
  6. Limit the length of paragraphs –  Ideally, they should not be more than 5-7 rows. This will make it easy to read your content.
  7. Insert image: A picture speaks a thousand words. A never-ending text without images makes content boring.
  8. Make the images relevant. Make sure they are relevant to the content.
  9. Create an intrigue in the introduction. Once people start reading the announcement, they should know what awaits them in the end of your post.
  10. Tell the story –  Stories are a “hook” that you can keep readers. People love to be entertained.
  11. Summarize the results– Make sure that your readers understand your point of view by the time they finish reading.
  12. Make sure that the resources and data sources that you use are trustworthy. If you can’t guarantee this, nobody will take you seriously.
  13. Demonstrate your achievements. Somewhere inside the material, or in the information about the author, you must show your achievements. This will prove that you are the authority that will help to develop and achieve results.
  14. Make your content compelling – People should be able to read the content and know what to do next. The more action-inducing you make your content, the better for you.
  15. Use the training video and images- In the B2B world, the use of pictures and video is a must. This helps to give people a step-by-step plan, to show what steps must be taken to achieve a certain result. This is a simple but effective way to give content great value.
  16. Give them more – At the end of the article, consider providing additional resources (training materials, for example). A downloadable PDF file or a useful checklist will help increase the value of your content.

Remember your successes and do not get frustrated because of failures, when the content doesn’t meet your expectations. Think about the future. Use the checklist from this article and apply it. Always remember be clear, sharp, informative and entertaining. Still have questions or concerns write us or Comment Below.