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21 Ways To Create A SEO Friendly Website


Search Engine Optimization Or SEO is the success key of any website or web application . A Good quality content website can’t perform good if the content is not SEO optimized . Search engine optimization is a way to increase organic , referral and search traffic .In this article we will focus on the parts that impact on overall  seo of website such as

  • Website Design 
  • Coding Structure
  • Content Structure
Seo Tips
Seo Tips

Using these 21 SEO tips you can improve your overall seo of your website such as you can reduce the bounce rate , increase page views , increase page session time , increase returning visitors etc .

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#1 Create a good Website Structure

First of all your website structure is first part which impact on the website’s seo . In a well structured website visitors comes and stay for long time . But in unstructured website visitor comes and return back immediately .

#2 Use Headings and Subheadings

Headings and sub headings also play a great role in Website seo . Use proper heading and subheading in content so the reader as well as search engine understand that what the content about . You have to use keywords inside the headings and subheadings . Tags such as h1,h2 are readable by the search engine . Search engine read these heading and sub heading and determine the content .

#3 Make your website responsive


Make your website responsive . A responsive website perform well in all type of media devices such as mobile, desktop ,tab or laptop . If you don’t know than your website it mobile friendly then you can use the free tool such as google my site test .  If your website is not responsive then most of visitors leave it with in 5-10 seconds .

#4 Use Web friendly images

Images of post , logos and thumbnails are also optimized for search engine . Create web safe images for website so it can take very less time to loading on webpage .Heavy images increases the page loading time So compress the images , make them web safe and use Alt tags so search engine can determine the image content .

#5 Use Title tag

Title tag is the most important part of search engine optimization . When use type the query the in search engine and hit enter , the search engine algorithm reads the title tag first to determine the content inside . So create seo friendly title tag . Stuff content related keyword in title tag . Read also : Create SEO friendly title tags 

#6 SEO friendly titles

Title of your post is the first part which seems by the visitors on search . So before a a title of your post or page conduct a research . Refine the keywords of content . Place the keywords in starting of the title . Don’t keep your post title very long or very short .

#7 Meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are the meta tags readable by the search engines . Search engine read these tags and display the content inside the meta tag in result page . So create a convincing meta description for your reader .

meta description in seo or search engine optimization

#8 Submit website to Search engines

All of your seo improvement only works when you submit your website to search engines like google , yahoo , yandex etc. Search index you page and increase the visibility of your website .

#9 Create Back Links

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Why to avoid Purchased Backlinks

Back links are key to increase referral traffic . More back links means more referral traffic . So create quality back links for your webpage . But be aware back links can also harm your website traffic badly if the practice goes wrong .So only create high DA and valuable backlinks . Non related content website backlinks , other language website backlinks and purchase backlinks can strike your website ranking for long time . So avoid to purchased backlink .

#10 Attract only Genuine Traffic

Focus only on genuine traffic . Suppose you website or blog is on cooking recipes . But your content titles and keywords focused on technology rather cooking . In that case wrong traffic comes to your website . Wrong traffic always increase bounce rate and decrease page session .

#11 Try to increase organic and referral search

Focus on organic and referral traffic rather than paid traffic . As soon your website’s organic traffic and referral traffic is increased , ranking of your website is automatically increased .

#12 Rid off Or Modify low performing content

Low performing web pages also harm your website ranking . So keep tracking the outdated content as well as all type of low performing pages . These pages and content increases bounce rate of your website and reduce page view time . Both are the ranking factors in seo . So Remove low performing content properly from your website or modify it and make it more valuable . Read also : Tips to reduce bounce rate 

#13 Use Proper Redirects

Right usage of redirects are also very useful for seo . Suppose you when you delete content permanently from website then you have to use 410 redirect rather than 404 header . When you move a content from one url to other then use 301 redirect .

#14 Schema Markup the content

Use schema markup your content . So search engine can easily determine and read the content inside the post.

#15 Use SSL certificate

I you can purchase then i recommend buy an ssl certificate for your website . Because search engines give extra ranking point to SSL installed websites .Visitor of SSL secured website feel also more safe than non ssl website .

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#16 Make the content readable

Content readability also matters in seo . Readability doesn’t directly impact on seo but indirectly if the content is not readable then you notice that page view time is decreased . So make the content readable . Make shorter paragraphs and sentence , use bullet points . Read alos: 7 Golden Rules To Write A Popular Post Or Guest Post

#17 Use keywords and Long tail keywords

Insert proper keywords in your page content . Insert the combination of short keywords and long tail keywords in your content to get more traffic to your page . To create keywords you can use tools such as Google trends , Keyword Planner . All of these are free tools .

#18 Use free tools to check stats and errors

Lots of free website tools are available on internet to check the website stats .Following are some examples .

#19 Use caching

If your are using wordpress to create website then used caching plugin to increase your website speed . But if you are not wordpress user then create caching and gzip compression using .htaccess to speed up your page loading .

#20 Use internal linking with the other related posts and pages

When you create a post or page , create internal links your content with other related post ,pages or content . Internal linking play a big role to reduce bounce rate of your website as well as visitor spend more time on it .

#21 User Friendly urls

Make your urls short ,meaning full and easy to remember . User and search engine friendly urls increases direct traffic of your website .

Using these methods you can boost your website traffic as well as ranking . During seo practice note that ,search engine works with focused algorithms . So don’t make non genuine practices to increase traffic .