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410 HTTP Status Code Definition , Working And Usage


What is 410 response code ?

410-Response-Code definition

410 Is a HTTP status code .410 http status code is used to tell the server or search engine that requested resource is no longer exist or available at web server .It is used when the requested content permanently deleted form server . This condition is expected to be considered permanent. The 410 response also indicate that the removed content or webpage will not be available again .

This response code is primarily notifying the recipient that the resource is intentionally unavailable .

When is it used


Some user are confused about 404 and 410 response code .But there is a big difference between both response codes .Basic difference is that 404 response comes only when requested URL is not accessible on specific location on sever .But it doesn’t mean web page is deleted permanently .

Benefits and uses


As i told it is used to indicate that webpage removed permanently . Using this response code SEO experts rid of the outdated and deleted content from search engines .It helps to improve website quality and structure .

How to use it

There are many methods to use 410 http status and rid of older deleted content from search .

If you website is create with ready to use scripts such as wordpress .Then you can use plugins and modules to redirect .But if have access on .htaccess file then you can redirect URL to this response code using .htaccess file .