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5 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic On A Limited Budget


Free Tips to Boost Traffic on website

Every website needs a steady flow of traffic to stay profitable. Yet, competing for the top spot in the world wide web is getting tougher as the time goes. Thousands (even millions!) of website owners out there are now doing everything to grab as much traffic as they can to stay profitable.In this article i will show you 5 way to boost traffic for your website with low budget.

Lot of resources for seo checking are available

The internet offers a lot of resources to help website owners learn how to drive in more visitors to their sites. Digital marketing blogs like Ahrefs often provide free e-books in exchange for email opt-ins.

YouTube and other video sharing sites are also great sources of knowledge on building traffic. We recommend that you check out Webris on YouTube for some in-depth, no-holds-barred tutorials.

Low cost seo with social networking sites

Unfortunately, there are still so many things that you need to learn before you can attract a workable number of visitors to your website.

This is the reason why many owners would rather spend a considerable amount of money for the tools and services available.

What if you only have a limited budget low cost seo to boost traffic to your site? 

There are ways to increase traffic to your site without having to shell out a ton of money. You can still attract visitors to your site with a few strategies here that will not cost you a leg and a half:

  1. Leveraging Social Media – These days, do you know anyone who does not use Facebook or Instagram? Few, or none at all, right? Social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook Messenger, and LinkedIn have actually changed the way we use the internet.

According to Statista.com, there are already 2.46 billion social media users around the globe and is ever increasing.

Instagram now accounts for the most number of followers globally in 2018, while Facebook has more than 1 billion active users to date.

Social media marketing is now a must-do in driving traffic to websites. The main advantage of using these platforms is their relatively low cost.  It is always free to post anything on these sites.  If done right, a single post promoting your site could reach thousands of users in a few clicks. Taking advantage of social media’s power to connect people could get you a lot of viewers.

One way you can use social media to promote your website is by joining Facebook groups.  However, you need to practice restraint when posting here as most of these groups have set rules for its members to follow.  Another strategy is getting help from Instagram influencers.  These people have already built a solid follower base and if you could get them to promote your business or website, the benefits are massive.

  1. Link Building– Getting other websites to link back to your site is one of the tactics you can employ to boost your traffic. Link building has been a practice of internet marketers for SEO. By analyzing these links, search engines are able to rank a website based on metrics such as popularity, trust or authority.
  2. Create Excellent Contents – High-quality articles are the pillars of your website. Having the right keywords can help make your site more searchable on the web. Valuable and useful contents will not only help you with your SEO, it could also boost the popularity of your site.

Another benefit of producing high-valued contents is credibility.

The knowledge you shared creates an impression that you are the authority on that specific niche. This way, your traffic increases while gaining followers to your site.

Boost Traffic with online marketing

  1. Answer Questions in Quora or Other Q&A Sites – Many people resort to searching the internet whenever they look for answers. Whether they are looking for a product review or just getting the other’s opinion, forums and online communities are helpful platforms to share or exchange ideas.

Despite the increasing preference of people to Facebook groups, Niche-specific forums and Q&A platforms such as Quora are still popular.  Contrary to some people’s opinion, these standalone forums are still useful in building traffic and links. Until now, there are still a lot of people asking and answering questions on the threads.

One of the best Q&A sites that you can use for boosting traffic is Quora.  By answering questions (with the actual intention of helping) and adding the link to your website as a resource, you should be able to gain targeted visitors from it.

  1. Outsource your SEO – boost traffic to your website not only requires much of your time, it also requires a good amount of money. One way to save time and money is outsourcing your SEO. Getting a good service provider to look after your site’s SEO would help you focus on the other aspects of your online business.

Nowadays, almost all business processes are being outsourced. From customer service to technical support, telemarketing to Search Engine Optimization. There are so many options now which will not cost you too much money.

The Philippines is one of the best destinations when looking for a Business Processing Outsourcing company you need. It has a very high percentage of people who can speak English very well and can write excellent articles for SEO purposes.

boost traffic to your website may take time until you see significant results. Although it involves tedious tasks to keep your visitors coming into your website, your efforts will pay off soon. Having a limited amount of money should not be discouraging. Instead of giving up, think of it as a challenge. The internet is a vast source of free information which you can learn from to boost your traffic.