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6 Minimum Basic Requirements To Start A Shopping Website/Blog


Know a days Internet have biggest share in business as well as education . A Ecommerce websites (Shopping Website) are the key to success of a business on internet .On the other hand blogs are the popular way to express an ideas to others . In this article you will learn how to start a Shopping website Or a Blog . And what are the minimum basic requirements to start them .Anyone can start his own website (eCommerce/blog) by using these 6 requirements . Before go ahead learn that what is the difference between shopping website and Blog .

6 Requirements to start a website

Purchase a domain name


Domain name is the unique name of a website . Domain name is a first and the basic requirement . There are many domain selling companies on the internet such as Godaddy , Bigrock etc . You before start a website go one of these websites purchase it .


Web hosting

Web Hosting on server
Web Hosting on server

After domain name registration , you have required a web space . Where you will run you website .This is called web hosting . Buy a web hosting .

A Website Theme

In the next part Buy a premium theme for your website or you can download it for free on internet . Theme is a look of the website . So choose the theme according your requirements . It is not compulsory that a eCommerce theme is also best for a blog . So choose it carefully . But you can change it in future if you want .

Write website Code on server

Write Coding for it and publish it . But in this part you have three options .

I suggest if your budget is low then you can go with third option and install ready to use scripts .

A Payment Gateway (Only for eCommerce websites)


Payment gateway is a optional feature .It is required only if you are going to start a Ecommerce website such as amazon.com .Payment gateway is used to accept payments with debit card ,credit cards and net banking .

Logistics (Only required for eCommerce websites)

Logistics service also required only for eCommerce website for product delivery and returns . You can hire any professional eCommerce logistics solution provider or use a local courier company to ship the products .

If you have still any question on website creation then ask Question or leave comment bellow .