6 Ways To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags:Looking good has been among people’s top priorities from time immemorial. Getting those complimentary words from a colleague, partner or lover can goes in a long way into improving someone’s self-confidence. However, sometimes one gets drawn a step back from rocking that pretty face by bags under the eyes. Puffy bags under the eyes makes one to look aged, dreary and tired. However, there are other causative factors to get the puffy bags under the eyes like allergies, lack of enough exercise, a person dietary patterns and also sleeping positions. However, do not despair because getting rid of eye bags is achievable.

6 Ways To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags
6 Ways To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags-Tectrick.org

The following are the most useful Ways To Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags.

1. Eye-lifts

Eye bags come about when the skin under our eyes loosen and can’t hold the fat under the eyes any longer. As one ages the skin loosens and the fat is pulled down by gravity. Eye lifts have been proved the best solution to get rid of the under eye bags. This procedure involves melting the fat under the eyes and tightening the loose skin.The procedure takes about an hour and a recovery time of about a fortnight.

2. Wrinkle fillers

Most dermatologists may opt to use wrinkle fillers injections for these. These injections combined with Botox improve one’s skin appearance and consequently decrease the appearance of eye bags. Also makes one look younger and energetic. Its downside however is that it is not as permanent as eye-lifts and requires to be done regularly which can be costly.

3. Changing the diet

It is important to avoid food that will eventually lead to water retention in the face. Thus avoid eating too much salt and alcohol goes in a great way into reducing the chances of getting eye bags. Though, a difficult feat for salt lovers reducing the amount of salt or avoiding it entirely is a good remedy to get rid of under eye bags. Drinking less alcohol and more water is further advised.

4. Treatment of allergies

Sometimes eye bags can be caused as a result of allergies. It is important to get medication for occasional allergies by getting a prescription from a physician. Moreover, allergy sources such as some plants and flowers, pollen and animals should be avoided if possible and a clean environment should be maintained.

5. Sleeping position

As a result of gravity, sleeping on the stomach or side may cause eye bags since fluids collects itself easily. Progressively trying to change sleeping positions to sleeping on one’s back, though uncomfortable at first, may effectively reduce the under eye bags.

6. Soothing the eyes

Using something cold packs on the eyes also reduces eye bags significantly. A cold cucumber is probably the most widely used remedy. However, wet cold teabags over the eyes can also be used as a soothing agent for eyes.

Getting rid of under-eye bags is essential for one to further enhance beauty. Some remedies to like sleeping well, being gentle on the eyes when washing the face or removing make up, soothing the eyes with something cold, drinking a lot of water, regular exercise, good dietary habits are helpful.

However, if there is need to visit a dermatologist for clinical procedures like wrinkle filling and eye-lifts a European Health Insurance Card may come in handy. The EHIC card ensures one is treated free or at a reduced price in any of its member states and this can be particularly useful for these procedures of ridding under-eye bags.


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