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9 SEO Tips That Influence Search Engine To Increase Crawl Rate


According to google the term crawl rate means how many requests per second Search Engine makes to your site when it is crawling it: for example, 5 requests per second .You can’t change the crawl rate of your website but you can influence the search engine to increase the crawl rate .As well as search engine increase crawling of your webpages , traffic of your pages increased automatically .

First of all ,you have to know lots of factors impact on Search Engine crawl rate such as your website quality ,loading time ,bounce rate etc, responsive ,mobile friendliness etc .For example if your website content quality is low then automatically bounce rate and exit rate should increased . Google algorithm treat it as low quality content and crawl rate is automatically increased .Using the following 9 SEO tips you can reduce the negative impacted points of your website and influence to search engine to increase crawl rate .

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1. Update website content regularly

Search engine such as google crawlers detect the update of your website’s content .Website with latest update and new content get mote

2.  Server With Good Up time and response

When user type your website address in web browser and hit enter ,web browser send request to your website’s server and wait for server response .The server response is waiting time between request and response .If your server response time is more than 200ms then it impact on your website loading time and google reduce your crawl rate these websites .Check server response time

You should reduce your server response time under 200ms .Dozens of potential factors which may slow down the response time of your server such as

  • slow application logic
  • slow database queries
  • slow routing, frameworks, libraries
  • resource CPU starvation, or memory starvation.

You need to consider all of these factors to improve your server’s response time. The first step to uncovering why server response time is high is to measure .Then, with data in hand, consult the appropriate guides for how to address the problem. Once the issues are resolved, you must continue measuring your server response times and address any future performance bottlenecks .If you are using shared hosting and run lots of sub domains on one hosting account that may also share your memory resources and reduce your server response time .Google consider all of these properties such as low server response time and high up time of your server to increase crawl rate of your website .

3. Create And Submit Sitemap To Search Engine

Sitemap is most important element of website that tells the search engine about changes , updates and links of your website . So create two type of sitemaps . One is for search engine and second sitemap for your visitors . Most of search engines accept .xml sitemaps .Create sitemap.xml and submit it to google . But for your visitors you can create sitemap in HTML format . Using these sitemap search engine crawler decide about your content .

4. Avoid duplicate content

Search engine can’t see or read the content inside your webpage . Search engine use meta data such as title tags, meta descriptions to understand about your content . So focus on you meta data of your website .Always continue measuring your webpages for duplicate content such as duplicate title tags , descriptions and post .

All of the duplicate content confuse the google bot to crawl and get the specific content . So find the duplicate content in your website and resolve the issue . Create only unique title tags and descriptions .

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To find duplicate content go to google search console >Search Appearance > HTML Improvements

5. Block access on unwanted pages via robot.txt

As i told in many of my posts , website quality is depend on your webpage count and quality page . Suppose your website have 15 posts and pages .All are indexed by google . But 90 % of traffic of your website  comes only on 5 posts or pages .Other 10 posts and pages have very high bounce rate and exit rate due to unwanted content but necessary to run website .

For example in cgi-bin folder of your website is necessary to run website but unwanted for general visitor .In that case you should block all of these type of pages via robot.txt or no-index tags . Using this method your indexed pages quantity reduced from 15 to 10 pages . It means your good content quality ration increased 50:50 . This also impact to search engine to increase crawl rate of your website .

Note: Always block unwanted pages via robot.txt but not deleted page .

6. Rid off or modify low performing and outdated content

As you read in upper paragraph block the unwanted pages via robot.txt . But do you know what about low performing and outdated posts ? For low performing posts you have two options .

  • If the content is outdated then no-index it or delete it with proper way such as using 410 redirect.
  • But if your post or content is not outdated but content quality is low then track these type of posts and pages and make them more valuable by adding more quality in it .

Genuine way to rid off and modify low performing content 

As soon as your content quality improved , valuable visitors would also increased . It impacts on crawl rate of search engine .

7. Optimize your pages

Optimize all of your website . This is a basic requirement to reach any of your online goal . It may be increase traffic ,increase returning visitor or increase domain authority .Optimized page loads more quickly than others . Search engines loves the optimized content . Know the question is what to optimized ?

  • Use web safe images and thumbnails rather than normal image .
  • Try to load all jquery and javascript after all DOM elements load .
  • Compress HTML on loading to speed up page loading
  • Use Chaching to speedup page loading
  • Use CDN for files and images delivery

8. Create a cornerstone article or page

Cornerstone articles and pages are that which are most important pages and posts of your website .Cornerstone pages play great role to expose your website in front of search engine .When cornerstone pages indexed by search engine ,lot of other links of website are automatically indexed .

9. Interlinking with other content

create genuine and strong interlinking to your post or page with other pages so visitor spend more time on your website .It helps you to increase your website quality in front of search engine and influence it to increase crawl more pages .

All of these are not just tips for increase crawl rate but these tips can also part of your overall seo of any website . So after applying these tips your website search engine visibility is definitely increased .

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