Google Liftware

Google introduce a new gadget Google Liftware. This smart gadget is a spoon.Google liftware help the patients who suffer the with shaking hands during eating the food and then do not take food properly.Google Liftware is actually invention of google.

This google gadget is designed and developed by a company “Lift Labs“.Lift Labs introduce this gadget with the name Liftware.In future Google takeover this company and rename this gadget with Google Liftware. An indian  Anupam pathak is the founder Lift Labs.He started development of this gadget with his four companions.Its not just spoon ,it come with many other attachments.

About Google Liftware A Lift Spoon Gadget For Shaking Hands
About Google Liftware A Lift Spoon Gadget For Shaking Hands

How Google Liftware Works ?

Working of this gadget is very complex.Lowerside of the google liftware includes micro processors.Microprocessor’s algorithms analyze the frequency and reduce it upto 78 percent.when you hold this spoon,sensors of the liftware detects your hand tremor quickly and responds to your tremor and steadies what you hold.At present this gadget is 75% tested .It has included a rechargeable battery.

Google announced price of this gadget $ 295.

which Person Required Google Liftware ?

Google Liftare is very useful for all of patients who suffered with shaking hands during eating food.Just like who suffering from Parkinson,s disease. This disease is a movement disorder whose symptoms worsen over time. According to WHO estimated that one million people in the US have Parkinson’s disease, and currently the cause is unknown and there is no cure. Its is also useful for all type muscular disorders.