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About TecTrick 

Welcome to tectrick.org – a Blog that helps readers to provide guidance and Tips , so they solve problems in daily uses areas of there profession And provide a platform to a quality content writers to share there knowledge with whole the world.  

My name is Manu Mahajan and I’m a full time Blogger making a living from this new and dynamic medium to express my and other mine type article writers knowledge to readers.

From Hobby to Profession

Back in 2002 In the school i learn about computer and internet technology. My hobby is taking experiments in every field,Even it is the field of art and craft or a different segment of computer or health care. I am mad about books at that time.But in 2009-2010 I didn’t know it at the time but that moment changed my life.I use my first broadband at that time .I spent more and more time into e-books and online articles.I notice that many of articles are not truthful according to practicals.Because when i read a new technique i any of my field if it is computer or it is craft .I try to take practical.At that time i think to write my own book.But it is a costly project for me.

I am new to blogging at that time.After a year i study about blogging and at 28 Feb 2014 I start my own blog Tectrick. That is a digital guide on technology topics such how to use and manage technology things such as tips , tricks and tutorials on computer , different type of software usage , internet , web designing , electronic gadgets such as android smartphones , cameras , printers  .This is platform where, all of good thinkers can post there thoughts and all practitioners share there practices with the whole world.

At today January 2016 ,my blog tectrick.org receive a genuine response . This inspire me to keep it up and to be a professional blogger.

Why TecTrick.org

  • This site is dedicated to helping other bloggers learn the skills of blogging, Other writers to give a platform to share their own experiences and promote the blogging medium.
  • We try to provide only write content to readers ,to sustain our content quality i started a youtube channel . On this channel ,reader can see the audio visual form of content . Suppose reader read a article on tectrick “how to create eCommerce website” .After read the article can the video on tectrick’s youtube channel “how to create eCommerce website ” .By seeing this video reader can learn in more details. With this way we try to provide single content in three forms text, visual ,audio . This is the reason our content is more authentic and practical .
  • On third party posts such as article written by guests or guest posts we also conduct content quality check such as is the content value-ability ,readability and authenticity .

Since then I’ve also launched TecTrick.org– a private community of bloggers who come together to collaborate, learn and grow their blogs in a walled forum area.

So keep reading and keep writing………