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Actions Adobe Photoshop -How To Record An Action


What is an Action In Adobe Photoshop

An action is a series of tasks in photoshop .An action is batch of files or commands that run with single click . Using it you can do multiple changes in document with single click .One type of action used to do same type of changes in multiple documents .

For example: You create actions to change image size and create border of image . You can do all this one click .

How to use Actions

To use it ,you have to record it . After record an action you can use it any time for do change in your image .


Record Action

To record it ,open adobe Photoshop . Open any image file to use actions .

Open Actions Panel

Go to top menu and then click on window tab . Click on “Actions” tab or hit Alt+9 button from keyboard . Actions bar display on right side of page .


Create Action

Click on small square box tab “Create Action“on the bottom of actions window . Write name for it in name field and choose short key to run it .You can choose any name for it . Suppose you want to run it using “F2″ function then select F2 from drop down window .Click ok to save it .

Start Recording

To record it unlock layer . Click small “Begin Recording ” button from . Now all of commands are being recorded after click begin recording button .

Suppose you want to create border inside image and emboss text inside image then click on “fx” button on layer panel and select “stroke” . Set stroke size 20 px and place it “inside” the image . Write any text on image . Emboss this text by click on “fx” button again and then select “bevel and emboss ” .

adobe photoshop action

Stop Recording

After do these changes in image ,click  square button which is “stop recording” in actions panel . Know action is recorded and ready to use in future documents or images .


Test It

To test that , this new one is working , open any new image . Unlock all layers . After that go back to “actions” panel . Select action name . Click “play Selection” button to run it .

On your new image  20 px inside border is created and text layer of image is embossed . If ,in image no text layer then it is stop running .