Avoid To Block Adsense Certified Ad networks

Google Adsense is a content monetize network . In it ads are working with bidding system . Suppose when you create a adsense account and it is approved by the Adsense ,then you authorize the adsense to place their ads on your space . These ads are place by partner ad networks or directly by google . These ads are placed with a systematic and automatic process . To learn this see the following example .

Block certified ad networks impact on earnings
Block certified ad networks impact on earnings

How Certified Ad networks Works

In this example “www.example.com” website has a approved adsense account . example.com allow to adsence to display ads on his website . Google Adsense Certified Ad networks partners bid for this ad space . Company 1 ,Company 2 , Company 3 , Company 4 are the ad networks partners in this example . And the bid is as following

  • Company 1 bid $1 for 100 impressions
  • Company 2 bid $1.6 for 10 impressions
  • Company 3 bid $1.2 for 500 impressions
  • Company 4 bid $1.9 for 1000 impressions

Nagative Impact on Earnings

Which ad partner bid is higher , it is authorize to display their ads . In this example company 2 bid is higher than others which is $ 1.6 for 10 impressions . So company 2 is authorize to display their ads to www.example.com till 10 impressions .

Lowest bid is $ 1.9 for 1000 impressions of company 4 . Now if www.example.com disable or block the very low bidding network , the impact is negative and earning are dropped .

This is because when company 2 bid expires which is higher , next higher bid is company 1 ,which is $1 for 100 impressions . By block lower paying bid, competition for www.example.com ad space is low . Due to less competition bid price become a great fall .


So it is strictly recommended that think about the impact on earning after disabling the certified ad networks . You can use some other alternatives to improve earnings such as disable low performing categories in website or block low paying urls .