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Adsense Tutorial- Create A New Ad Unit In Adsense


Google Adsense is a very popular content monetization network . After Create adsense account and after approval , user need to create ad units for it’s content or website .

Create A New Ad Unit

To create a new ad unit login to your adsense admin panel .

Click on My Ads tab in the top menu . Then click on New Ad Unit .

Choose Wright Logical name for ad unit

Create New Ad Unit
Create New Ad Unit

To create New Ad unit ,Choose the name for your ad unit . User can choose any name for the unit , But i recommend that choose the logical name for it . If you choose a wright logical name for it ,then it is easy to you in future to track the performance of the specific ad unit .


Non Logical Name : User create two ad units both are 720 x 90 size .  One is text ad unit and other in text and images ads . Name of ad units is Banner1 and Banner2 . In this case it is difficult to you that track the performance of specific ad.

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Logical Name :  In this example user create same two ad units 720 x 90 size . One is text ad unit and other in text and images ads . Text ad unit is for header area of web page and text and images ad unit for footer area . And selected names are  ” 720 x 90 Header Text” and second unit name is “720 x 90 footer txt & imgs ” .

In the second example ,when you try to check the performance of specific area ad unit in future ,is in very easy to understand with its name .

Choose Ad Size

In the ad size column you can select the ad size . To select the the ad size click the size . If you want to create a responsive ad unit for web page the select the responsive ad unit . Many other benefits have the responsive ad units .

Note:  It is not valid that re-size ad unit with CSS . So re-sized ad unit with css not perform good and it is also violation of adsense guidelines . Responsive ad unit is automatically adjustable .

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Select Ad Type

Select the ad type . By default Text and Display Ad is selected  and it is also recommended and best performing type . But user can change it according his convenience . User can select only text ads or create a custom ad unit also .

Save and Get Ad Code

Get Ad Code
Get Ad Code

After done all, click on save and get code button . In Ad Code window choose the ad code type from the drop down list , Asynchronous or Synchronous . If you don’t know difference between then read it first .

Asynchronous or Synchronous

After select the code type , copy all of code placed in ad code window and paste it where you want to place the ad unit in web page . After few minutes your ad is started to display .