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Adsense-Responsive Ads In Adsense And Its Benefits


How To Create Responsive adsense ads And What Are The Benifets

What are Responsive ads ?

Adsense responsive ads are the type of ads which are suitable for all type of screens or devices.Responsive ad units automatically adjust itself according screen.

Create Responsive Ads In Adsense

To create responsive ads unit in adsense not additional programming is required. AdSense launch new ad unit size in the panel. Before go forward you have a approved adsense account. To create responsive follow the steps.

  • Login to ad sense dashboard.
  • Click on “My Ads” tab. My Ads tab is on upper side of tab bar.
  • Select ad unit type “Automatic size responsive“.
  • Click on save and get code button.Copy the ad code and paste this where you want to show ad sense ads.
Responsive adsense ad unit
Responsive adsense ad unit

Responsive adsense ad unit benefits

Automatically adjustable: Responsive AdSense ad units are very useful for responsive websites. There is no need to change ad types and no need to set different pages for mobile view. Responsive ads are automatically adjustable according the <div> height and width available.

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Responsive adsence ads can be hidden: In the adsense ad unit types only responsive ad sense ads can be hidden. It means user can use “display: none; ” property to hide responsive ad units in css (cascading style sheet). All of other ad unit types “display: none;” property is invalid.

To understand look the example

  • According to adsense guidelines publisher can only display maximum three ad units per page. Know suppose publisher “A” ,publish three non responsive ad units in a page. He decided to display only two ad units on mobile view. To do this he use “display:none; ”  property in mobile css.In this case ad unit is hidden but it is counted by ad sense.It means adsense still count three ad units in mobile view.
  • But if publisher use responsive ads and use “diplay: none;” property to hide one unit. Then ad unit is hidden and only counted two ad units.
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