Adsense Site Level Policy Violation Causes And Solution


What is policy violation in adsense

Google makes adsense policy according to their advertisers . Suppose every act and behavior which can harm the advertiser in any manner is treated as adsense policy violation . For example advertiser place ads on publisher website and publisher click on the ad himself .It means it is wrong click and not in favor of advertiser so this is also policy violation . When publisher violate the adsense policy he/she get a notification from adsense . He/she received an email from adsense and a notification displayed on adsense dashboard .

If you receive an account warning, your account will remain active and ads will continue to display. But, it means that your account is at high risk . And it may be suspended or disabled if additional violations are accrued and notification is not reviewed. You should immediately take time to review your content and make sure that it complies with our policies.

Adsense policy violation notification
Adsense policy violation notification

Site level policy violation

Site level violation notification means your website design is wrong or the ads behavior is changed and not right. When you recieved a notification from adsense you have to review your website design or your ad format .

Check the reason of violation adsense
Check the reason of violation adsense


To review it login to your adsense dashboard . Notification will displayed on the home page in red color . Click on “Action” button to review it. When you click on it cause or reason of policy violation is displayed . Suppose ads are displaying on 404 page of your website then the example error page url in the status page .

Remove the ads from the specific page or section and click on “mark resolved” button . After that select the type of modification which is done by you in your content or in website and click on submit button. After click on submit button adsense team will review your website again . If the problem is solved then your red color notification banner is disappeared automatically .

Review your content and make change according the adsense policy
Review your content and make change according the adsense policy

There are many types of site level policy violation such as

  • Make changes in ads code.
  • Hide ads behind the menu or any other web content.
  • Encourage the user to incidental click on ads etc. Please review the adsense forum for details .

Please note that google will try to send an account warning before your account reaches the point of suspension or disabling.