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What Is AJAX In Web Development-Definition & Working


What is Ajax

Ajax stands for  Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is way to create dynamic web pages .It is is a group of inter related Web development techniques which are used on the client-side to create asynchronous Web applications.

Ajax is not a programming language , it is way to implement already working programmer Javascript and XML

To learn ajax you need a basic knowledge of

AJAX is method to update small data is webpage ,without uploading whole webpage asynchronously . All of the process is done behind the scenes . In not disturbs users and all functions and processes are done without complete page load .


In www.facebook.com when user click on like button on any image or post , status is immediately changed without updating whole webpage . To change this like status a process is done ,but this process is not seen on your webpage (this is called behind the scenes).

And other other thing is only like button status is changed ,without re-uploading whole webpage . It means only small amount of data is interchanged with web server .

How Ajax Works

Ajax is designed or developed for communicate and exchange data with server , using javascript and XML . To comunicate with server ajax use follow way

  • Create a HTTP request for communicate with server
  • Send Request to Server .
  • Receive Response of server .
  • Update data of a specific part of web page .

Benefits and uses of AJAX

Ajax is very uses technique in web development . It is used to create dynamic web application with less bandwidth usage .

It communicate with server and update that data which is required , not full web page is reloaded .This is the reason ,ajax use less data or bandwidth .

It real time update ,the webpage . Google search is an other example of ajax . When user type any world in search bar ,immediately results are displayed under the search bar without click enter and without loading page .