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Alexa Rank- Add And Claim Website To Alexa For Free


Step by step guide to create account , Add website and Claim website to Alexa

Alexa is a web traffic tracking website . To add your website in alexa follow some simple steps .

Create An Account In Alexa

Sign Up Button
Sign Up Button

Go to alexa.com . To add site alexa you need registered account in alexa . To register account click on the sign up button in the upper right side of the page .

Fill Email Id
Fill Email Id

In the new page write your email id in Email field and click on create button .

Confirm Email & Create Password

After click on create button an email in sent to your id . Login to indox and click on the confirmation link . When you click on the link a new create password page is open in new tab . Choose a password for your account and confirm it .

Sign in to alexa

My Dashboard
My Dashboard

Now sign in to the alexa account . Your email id is your username and password is which you set . After sign in click on My dashboard tab on the top menu .

Add Your Website

Add Website Button
Add Website Button

In the My website section click on Add Site Button . In pop up form enter you website domain name  and click the button view plans and pricing .

Claim Or Verify Website

In next step website ownership verification is required . To verify authorization go down and click on link claim website . Three methods are given to verification . You can choose any one method from them . Methods are as follows

  1. Verify website by upload file to website’s root folder .
  2. Verify it by add alexa ID  in website’s home page .
  3. Verify it by certify your metrics . This is allowed only in premium version .

In this article i choose first method to verify website .

Method 1 to verify website

alexa website's Verification
alexa website’s Verification

Click download file button in method one box . Save it any where on desktop .

Login to cPanel . Go to public_html folder and then go to you website’s installation root folder .

Upload file to root folder of your website . Go back to verification page and click to verify the website button . Now your website is verified . You can see the traffic data metrics of your website .

You can track your alexa rank , compare traffics with other websites . This data is very helpful to improve your website’s SEO

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