Solution for Unknown Network error on downloading Android SDK

Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download .

Unknown Network Error on download Android SDK. This error comes to most for users when download reach to end. On download stop at after 250-500 MB download.

This error due to file may be corrupt of not complete on server.

Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download .
Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download .

Solution for download Android SDK

This error is comes mostly on google chrome and internet explorer. You can try two solution to solve this error.

First solution is download a internet download manager and install it. After install internet download manager activate the plugin on internet explorer. Know retry the download.

Internet download manager use multiple servers to download the files. So Android SDK download is now successful.

Second Solution: Use apple safari browser to download software development kit.

I hope these solutions works for you. If it is helpful to you then leave a comment.