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API- What is API Definition And It’s Uses


What is an API and how an API works


API is abbreviation of application programming interface. API is a set of instructions, protocols and tools for create software applications.An application programming interface is a set of codes which is followed by the computer software to communicate with other computer or server.It is a component or tool for a software or website used for specific type of its operations, inputs and outputs, and underlying types.

API secret key and secret id
API secret key and secret id

How an Application Programming Interface is used

Application Programming Interface is used like as the set of instructions are used.Application programming interface publisher provide the developer authorization to use it.For example to use google api’s client ID, Client secret  and email address is provided my the google when developer create a new project.

Example of Some famous codes

 In the web world more than ten thousand API’s are used.Most popular interface that are use widely are Google API’s, Twitter , YouTube , Flickr ,Facebook ,Amazon Advertising apis, Used in websites and applications.

What developer can do with Programing Interface

By using these APIs developer can integrate or  embed specific website feature in his application.For example By using YouTube API developer can embed the videos and videos functionality in his own application or in his own website.Some of  Application Programming Interfaces are free of cost ,some are partially free and some API’s are paid.


With Use of API’s developers work is reduced and more accurate.Application Programming Interfaces are helping to development Lightweight Mobile Apps with  more functionality and power.API’s can send and get data from other applications and use it on any other application or website.With this benefit of application programming interface website or application is more user friendly and popular.


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