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Forwarder-Forward Emails From Webmail To Other Email


Configure Webmail To Automatically Forward Emails To Another Email id Using Forwarder

With configure automatically Forward Emails From Webmail To Other E mail address ,user can access Webmail emails of to another E mail account such as Gmail or Yahoo mail . Forwarders are used to forward emails to other email id .

What is forwarder

Forwarder is a setting or a tool is provided in Cpanel to forward emails automatically from webmail to any other E mail address.Forwarders allow you to send a copy of all mail from one e mail address to another.

Example 1

Suppose you have an custom E mail id “info@yourdomain.com” and you want the receive emails of this id to your another email id such as example@gmail.com ,then you need to configure the automatic forward settings for webmail .It is known as “Forwarders

Example 2

you have two different E mail accounts, user@example.com and user1@example1.com, you could forward example.com to example1.com so that you do not need to check both accounts.

NOTE: The original address will still receive the forwarded mail.

Configure Forwarder


Forwarding options to add forwarders
Forwarding options to add forwarders

To forward emails automatically to any other E mail follow these settings .

  • Login to cpanel and then click on “Webmail” in Mail section .
  • Login to webmail using your E mail id and password .
  • In the page click on “Forwarding Options“.

In Forwarders page click on “Add Forwarder” button . In “Add A Forwarder” form fill you E mail address in “Destination Forward Email Address“on where you want to get the copy of you custom id E mail .


add forwarder to forward email automatically to another email id

Suppose to want to get the E mail copy on example@gmail.com then fill this email id in “forward email address field “.Click “Add Forwarder” .

Now the Automatic forwarding configured on webmail . When user send E mail to “info@yourdomain.com” ,then this E mail id forward a copy of this email to your configured email id which is example@gmail.com .