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Basics Of Boolean Algebra


Basics Of Boolean Algebra


Boolean Algebra is constructed by Aristotle in the eighteenth century. He worked on some logical symbols and constructed six type of concepts of man’n reasoning.After that George Boole a mathematician ,worked on these six logical gates.These logical gate are important in designing the logical circuits in computer systems.

What Is Boolean Algebra
What Is Boolean Algebra

He published a paper in 1854 with the name An investigation of the laws of the thought”. This concept of  George Boole known as “Boolean algebra” and later on also called “The switching algebra”.

Difference Between Boolean Algebra and Switching Algebra

There is no difference between in Boolean Algebra and Switching Algebra.Six gate of Boolean Algebra is important to designing logical circuits in computer systems.Later Claude E. Shannon an electrical engineer applied these gates in solve the problems in telephone switching circuits.So this is also called Switching  Algebra. Boolean Algebra laws are useful in minimizing the complex equations and reduce up to the minimum form and then applied to design the circuits.

How Boolean Algebra works

Binary Valued Quantities (Binary Decision)

In these lines you learn how Boolean algebra works in circuits.Working of Boolean Algebra is very simple. With the law of Boolean Algebra, circuits convert the problem into binary and easily take decisions,what to do next.For explain in our daily life we have to take some decisions to select a proper and suitable thing which is most beneficial to us.Example: “whether i go to bazaar now or later on”. Answer for this question are either “yes” or “no“or we can answer in “true” or “false“. This is a known as Binary decision.

I take one more example of electric switch . An electric switch has only two states “on” And “off “.In this states on represents “Yes” and off represents “no”.when switch is off the state is “no” it means circuit is “off”.So this on off switch decision is also in binary decision.

These Binary decisions are done by Boolean Logical gates.Boolean Algebra works with Boolean Logical operators.These logical operators are mathematical symbols. Like “+”, “-“,”=”



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