Basics of Communication Channel Configurations

Communication Channel Configurations ,This string is combination of three different words. “Communication+channel+configurations”.Communication means connecting people or places,next word channel means specific way and the third word configuration meaning ” determined by the arrangement of its parts or elements“.So the string Communication Channel Configurations meaning connecting computers with the specific way and by the specific agreement.There are two basic configurations are used for establishing communication channel of communication limes,either of which are used to establish a communication channel.These two type are Point to point link and Multi point link.

Multi-point Communication Channel Configurations
Multi-point Communication Channel Configurations

Point to Point Link

This point to point link type Communication Channel Configurations, basically relies upon the two functions i.e transmit and receive.It is very simple channel configuration in which the computers or devices or other electronic circuits are to be connected using the dedicate communication lines.Dedicate communication lines means that the connections established suing direct lines which connect the devices to other device.Usually, these communication channels are under utilized, because the terminal or the device which uses this channel,may not be that active,which is required to keep the line busy.This also involves high cost because for every connection,We need to have separate cable.

these lines will be relatively faster,as the traffic would be every less.The cost of this communication channel is high and utilization is less as required,so this communication channel is not popular.

Multi-point channel configuration

Multi-point Communication Channel Configurations means one to many.This channel has more beneficial than the point to point channel.This configuration of communication channel has evolved to remove the short coming of point to point channels of under- utilization and cost.In this channel configuration we connect two or more computers or devices using a single line. This Provides the optimum utilization of the communication channel as any of the devices or same or all the devices connected to the line will be active enough to keep the line busy.There can be communication between the devices.

Multi-point Communication Channel Configurations is more efficient on the utilization and cost fronts.It is utilized to the optimum level.The cost occurred in this channel is less than the single cable system.Due to its less cost and more benefit,these communication channel configuration is widely used and adopted.