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Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Speaker Features


What is Beats Pill XL

Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Speaker is product DR. Dre. At present this is the part of Apple. It is a pair and play gadget, t to listen your smartphone tracks on bluetooth speaker. It is a portable Bluetooth speaker. You can also attend your phone calls on this bluetooth speakers.

Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Speakers
Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Speakers

How to use it

You can pair it to phone with just tap on your phone Beats Pill XL and create an instant connection.After pairing you hear you phone’s music on this gadget. Beats Pill XL is lightweight device. It has a built-in handle. It can paired with smartphone, laptop or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Music tracks are changed from the phone . You can also adjust Beats Pill XL volume.

For Pairing and Phone calls

To pair this gadget with any bluethooth device just hold B button for three seconds to pair . You can disconnect pairing with just pressing B button single press .

You can accept or reject your phone calls with press B button for just once.User can also transfer calls to other phone with pressing B button twice.

Beats Pill XL has also a great feature to put phone calls on hold. With this gadget user can also take incoming calls with pressing button B once.User can also switch between phone calls with single press B button.

Connect without Bluetooth

Beats Pill XL  is connected to phone on other device with cable also. It can also connect to an audio device like a phone or MP3 player. It has a OUT labeled jack . This is used to connect Beats Pill XL with other speaker with cable.

Features & specifications

Beats Pill XL is paired from 30 feet.  A Rechargeable battery comes with this gadget. And according to manufacturers it can play music continuously 15 hours .

Its has automatic shut off feature. This gadget will automatically shut off  if signal is not detected for 10 minutes. This feature improves the battery life and increase power backup.

Beats Pill XL Bluetooth Speaker is also purchased from apple store. According to Dr. Dre this product is really a gadget for music listeners.