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Why ? Write An Article

Tectrick.org is a blog focused on technology topics such as Computer, Software, Electronics, Web designing, Internet etc. Tectrick have large number of new and regular readers .

There are many of persons like me who mad about technology and want to share their innovative ideas ,tips with others or want to be global .

Reach through out the world at right audience

Tectrick is a platform , on which a TecJunkey share his ideas such as tips on uses of different type technologies to through out the world .Suppose when you write a good post , my team also helps writes ,to choose a specific category for post , interlinking of post , and make miner change of post of SEO purpose . So your content make more searchable and view able .

All of the changes are done with take care of that the change don’t impact on content writing .

Promote yourself

When you write an article on Tectrick ,it published with writer’s own name . So it is completely best way to promote yourself .


Benefit to write guest post or write an article on tectrick


By writing an idea and share it with others , you can reach a large number of persons which loves your writing skill .

Make reach at youtube viewers

By writing an article or guest post on Tectrick.org , your content is reached at youtube viewers . Because we have a growing channel on www.youtube.com . Your content is more searchable and reachable at audience through you tube annotations and description links .

Promote Your Own Blog

When you write a good post and it is liked by others , indirectly you convince reader to come to your own blog to read your content . The other way we allow internal and external hyperlinks . If you have a good content on your blog then we allow hyperlinks ,but with strict conditions .

Note: Don’t use external hyperlinks for make only back link or search engine manipulation . In that condition author is blocked and blacklisted permanently .

And finally click here to share your ideas globally .