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Best Way To Reduce Bounce Rate & Factors That Impact On It


Really useful tips to reduce bounce rate of website

With reduce bounce rate of your website you can improve your website traffic dramatically .A number of factors contribute to a high bounce rate. High bounce rate means low quality traffic and low bounce rate means good quality stable traffic .

There are some basic factors that can increase and reduce bounce rate of website .

  • Website Design
  • Internal Navigation
  • Content Quality
  • Keywords

Web Site Design

Website design is a first thing that impact on bounce rate . For example, users might leave your site from the entrance page if there are site design or stability issue .

Suppose your website working well on desktops but when user open it on tab or smartphone ,website not loads correctly . then use skip from it . It may also increase bounce rate .  A user friendly website design is a key to reduce bounce rate as well as it increase your website SEO (search engine optimization) .

A user friendly website design is a vast and debatable topic . So i can’t describe completely only in this one article. Some other dedicated articles for user friendly web design are also available in TecTrick . So only include some of most required tips in this article .

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reduce bounce rate Slashgear.com
reduce bounce rate Slashgear.com

Slashgear.com is a famous blog on technology with responsive design .

Tips For Good Website design

  • Create a responsive web design that works in all type of screens and devices well . So user get same and best experience . You can use bootstrap for create it .
  • Try to create short css and javascript of your website . Short CSS and javascript boost website loading speed . So user can not frustrate when he/she try to visit website on low speed devices such as mobile phones and even with slow speed internet connection .
  • Try to load CSS and Javascripts after the page load ,so they will’t interrupt loading of your webpage and web browser ,render your webpage with high speed .
  • Choose right size and style fonts .

Good Internal Navigation

Second most important thing is internal navigation of website to reduce bounce rate . For example suppose your website has a webpage on smartphones . But in webpage ,no related content hyperlinks are implemented , No search box to find useful content , no menu with realated content . In that case ,when visitor come to your webpage read the information and skip from your website .

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It is called single page session . Alternatively, users might also leave the site after viewing a single page if they’ve found the information they need on that one page, and had no need or interest in going to other pages. It boost your website bounce rate .

Tips for Good internal Navigation

  • Place related content hyperlinks  .
  • Place a search box on website .
  • Create a Navigation menu that links with other pages of your website .
  • Insert sitemap link on webpage .
Good Internal Navigation Tips For Website
Good Internal Navigation Tips For Website


Wikipedia.org is the one of the best example of good internal navigation . In the above image you can see the left side menu of wikipedia.org . In it visitor can decide in which page he/she want to go .

On the top right of image ,you can see a search box . User can use this search box find the content .

Wikipedia content is also rich with hyperlinks with related content . As you can see in image feature image , mobile phone, 4G , main menu ,etc.. some the example of the hyperlinks .

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When use click on any link or use search box ,it means he/she visit any other page of your website . So it’s obvious you reduce bounce rate .

Content Quality

Website content quality is another thing to improve bounce rate . When user experience is good or user satisfy with your content ,only that condition he/she use other links of your webpage .

So try to maintain content quality .

Target Only Wright Visitors

Don’t stuff keyword unnecessarily and non related in content. Only target right audience .

For example you sell ladies shoes only on your website . But in meta description and meta title , you use the keyword “Buy Ladies and Gents shoes online ” . In it you stuff a wrong keyword “Gents shoes” . Read this seo-friendly-title-tag .

A person wants to buy gents shoes online and comes to your website . But he did not found gents shoe on website .Then he skip from your website without searching more in it .

So avoid misleading keyword stuffing and attract only genuine visitors .