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Block Or Restrict Specific User Channel Videos In YouTube


Restrict Youtube Channel

Block Or Restrict specific user is a built in feature in youtube . This feature is very useful to stop display videos of specific user or channel . Example you are searching a specific educational channel videos such as “Khan’s academy ” .YouTube algorithm check the search data and provide same type of videos as your recommended videos . In that case if you are not interested in that channel then you can block the specific channel .

Steps to block or restrict channel

Step 1

Go to the user or channel website which you want to block . Suppose you want to block a specific channel name ” TheRailzone ” .

Then go to the channel page by typing www.youtube.com/user/Therailzone and hit enter.

Step 2

On the channel page click on the “About” tab as shown in the following image

Youtube Channel about tab
Youtube Channel about tab

Step 3

In the about page click on Flag icon in upper right side as in the image .

Flag icon in youtube
Flag icon in youtube

Step 4

From the drop down menu click on “Block user” then hit submit button to confirm it .

After Block the “therailzone” , all of videos uploaded by therailzone channel are restricted . And it will not display on your youtube page.