Home computer Solution-Blurry ,Wrong Printing In Epson Printer ! head alignment

Solution-Blurry ,Wrong Printing In Epson Printer ! head alignment


Blurry and Wrong Printing In Epson

In this error when you print a page with epson printer then it prints wrong printing , misaligned printing or misaligned vertical lines and blurry printouts  . This is may be because of misaligned printed head of epson printer .

To printer head alignment you can use the following methods .

Before start printer head alignment ,turn printer on , insert a paper in printer . Remove CD and DVD tray from printer before start it .

Go to Printing Preferences

Go to start and then open “Devices and printers” . Click “Printer and Faxes ” to expand . Select the epson printer and right click on it. In menu select “Printing Preferences” .

Start Print Head Alignment

Print head alignment
Print head alignment

In printer properties page click on “Maintenance” tab . After that click on “Print head alignment “ button . Click on “Next” in window . Now printer head alignment is started . It will take few minutes .

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After finish the process ,print any of your document to see the printing . If printing is still not clear and blurry then it may be hardware problem and it’s need to service .