Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is website traffic analytic matric . Bounce Rate is percentage of single-page sessions left by the user . It is percentage of single-page sessions in which the visitor left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page.

To learn it deep you need to know about single page session .

Single Page Session

Suppose a visitor enter your website from the page www.example/sample.html and exit from website at same page . This is called a single page session . In it visitor come and visit a page and exit from your website without checking or going any other page .

Why This Metric is usefull

High bounce rate is a killer of website rank and website traffic . It play negative effect on your website SEO (search engine optimization) . When you focused on bounce rate of your website then website rank and website traffic is automatically increased .

How to check it

To check bounce rate of website google provide a free tool Google Analytics . You can use free version of google analytics . After create a google analytics account ,install tracking code on your website .

Reference :

Create Google Analytics Account Install Tracking code

Go to reporting Tab

After adding tracking code in website click on All Web site Data tab . Then click on Reporting tab .

Reporting Tab In Analytics
Reporting Tab In Analytics

Go to Overview Tab


Bounce Rate Of Website
Bounce Rate Of Website

In this tab click on overview tab in left menu . Know you can see bounce rate of your website . You can filter these result by date ,by month or by year . You can also compare one pack of dates of bounce rate with other once .