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Brute Force Attack-Definition And Security Tips


What is Brute Force Attack

Brute Force is a technique to crack the security of website or application. This is one of the way used by hacker to hack some application or website.

A brute force attack method is also known as trial-and-error method. It used to get information of a user’s password, login details, and pin numbers.

brute force attack
brute force attack

In this method ,hacker try all combinations of dictionary words or combinations of  alphanumeric combinations . In simple form brute force attack, hacker try commonly-used passwords or combinations of letters and numbers.

For trying brute attack ,hacker try multiple combinations. This is complex thing to to try thousands of combinations to get password . So hacker’s are use automated programs to find the wright password combination.

Attack Targeting Areas

Almost all of brute force attacks are targeting website or application on login page.Hackers use millions of username and password combinations till valid combination is found. As defined in above section.

  • Brute Force Attack is performed on password resets pages.
  • It performs on secret questions.
  • Promotional codes and discount codes are also targeting area of brute force.
  • All secret information of website and application is also targeting by brute force.

Security Tips

To prevent from brute force attack to your website or application follow the tips.

  • Always confirm the account lockout so hacker can’t access your login information from cache of web browser.
  • Set your passwords very complex so it can’t be guessed easily. Make your passwords with combination of  numbers, alphabets and special characters. This type of passwords are not cracked easily by brute force crack algorithm.
  • Set the number of login limits. So that when malicious user try to login multiple times with wrong password. The user is disabled ,deleted or blocked. Or set temporarily locking out the users who exceed the specified maximum number of login attempts.