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In this category contain all articles and tutorials about computer related .like computer hardware and software and maintenance .

3 Methods To Recover Data From Failed Or Damaged Hard Drive (HDD)

When A HDD (Hard disk) of computer is damaged or crashed . A Failed HDD is a collateral damage for a company or institution....
set emboss text size and softness

How To Emboss Text In Adobe Photoshop

Three Steps To Emboss Text in Adobe Photoshop Open New Blank Document to emboss text Open adobe photoshop. Click on File and then New to open new...

How To Use WordPress To Create Website Or Blog

Wordpress is a word's most popular website making tool .In this article you learn how to use wordpress to create website or blog ....
Save work as Html And Images Only

Adobe Photoshop-Convert .Psd To Html Three Steps

Convert .psd to html is very useful,when you are going to create a website theme. To convert .psd to html file follow these four...
Actual ink level different from ink level status monitor

Free Reset Ink Level Epson Printer Using WIC Utility

When Reset ink level is required ?   Ink reset is required when the actual ink level is full but the status monitor shows low ink...
Windows Task manager

Restart All Windows Services Without Restart Pc

Restart all windows services without restarting computer When you install or uninstall a windows application ,many times windows restart is required . In many cases new...

4 Steps To Free Reset Epson Waste Ink Counter With WIC Utility

In this Epson printer trick I will use a free reset key to reset waste ink counter . I will use easy step to...
Change File Permission

How To Change Permission-Cpanel Permissions Definition

What is Permissions in cpanel Permissions is a feature provided in cpanel for control files access by others . Permissions can control 3 things of...


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