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In this category contain all articles and tutorials about computer related .like computer hardware and software and maintenance .
Delete system restore and shadow copies

How to Clean Up System Restore And Shadow Copies

Why required-Clean Up System Restore And Shadow Copies  ? When we use windows,it automatically create system restore point and shadow copies of software.System restore is...
Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download .

Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download

Solution for Unknown Network error on downloading Android SDK Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download . Unknown Network Error on download Android SDK. This error comes...
What are active server pages

What are active server pages Or ASP ? and its working

ASP or active server pages is a Microsoft Technology.ASP is a program that runs inside IIS.IIS stands for Internet Information Services.The active platform reflects...
unprocessed Raw data example - Tectrick

What Is Raw Data In Computer Science ?

What is Raw Data Raw data is known as source data .It can't be used as processed data but it is used to process the...
Operating system working

What Is OS or Operating System Definition

What is Operating System or OS Operating system or OS  is a basic software or application to run a computer . It provide basic platform...
Click Reset Button

How To Reset Internet Explorer With Easy Step

Step by step guide to reset internet explorer Reset Internet Explorer is required sometimes when you want to delete all of your apps data and...
Microprocessor Definition- working and typesvideo

A Microprocessor – Definition , Working And Types Of Microprocessors

What is Microprocessor A microprocessor is a control unit of a computer , a micro-computer or an any other device . Microprocessor is an integrated...
End To End Encryption

What Is End To End Encryption In Computer And Mobile Devices

What is end to end encryption End to end encryption is a system of communication . In this system only the human can read the messages. No...


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