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In this category contain all articles and tutorials about computer related .like computer hardware and software and maintenance .
Epson Ink Code Fill Form

Get Free Epson Printers Ink Codes For Epson L800

Epson L800 Ink Codes Epson ink code is required for reset ink levels.Epson L800 ink code is found on ink bottle for epson. But if...
Virtual Private Server -VPS

What is VPS Hosting – Virtual Private Server

What is Virtual Private Server (VPS) VPS hosting is type of web hosting . VPS hosting stands Virtual Private Server . Learn about what is...
cortana for windows phone

What Is Cortana , its Working & Features

What is cortana, How to use it and its requirments Cortana is a new software in windows 10. This software is like a personal assistant...
set emboss text size and softness

How To Emboss Text In Adobe Photoshop

Three Steps To Emboss Text in Adobe Photoshop Open New Blank Document to emboss text Open adobe photoshop. Click on File and then New to open new...
Photoshop layers

Adobe Photoshop Layer- How To Create And Use Layer

What is a layer In Photoshop A layer is like a sheet . You can see through transparent areas of layers to the layers below. You...

What Is Computer Virus And Types Of Virus

What Is Computer Virus And Types Of Virus What is Computer virus A computer virus is a program or piece of code that is loaded onto your computer...
Object Oriented Language

What Is Object Oriented Programming Or OOP

What Is OOP or Object Oriented Programming Object oriented programming is also called OOP programming . OOP language model designed and worked around objects . In dose not interfere...
Set Default Printer

Set A Printer As Default Printer In WIndows

Step by step guide to Set Default printer Default printer is a primary printing device of all application in windows computer . To set a...


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