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In this category contain all articles and tutorials about computer related .like computer hardware and software and maintenance .

Replace CMOS Battery In MotherBoard

Replace CMOS Battery In MotherBoard Locate your CMOS battery Completely unplug  your CPU .Open it with screw driver and locate CMOS battery in mother board as shown above...

Basics of Communication Channel Configurations

Basics of Communication Channel Configurations Communication Channel Configurations ,This string is combination of three different words. "Communication+channel+configurations".Communication means connecting people or places,next word channel means...

Computer Network – Definition Of Networking

What is network and how to use networking The Word networking is made with network . Network means a group or system internally or externally...
Protocol definition

Definition of Protocol And its usage In Computing

What is Protocol Protocol in the set of rule and regulations . In IT (information technology) two electronic devices connect and communicate with each others...
Operating system working

What Is OS or Operating System Definition

What is Operating System or OS Operating system or OS  is a basic software or application to run a computer . It provide basic platform...
Delete system restore and shadow copies

How to Clean Up System Restore And Shadow Copies

Why required-Clean Up System Restore And Shadow Copies  ? When we use windows,it automatically create system restore point and shadow copies of software.System restore is...

12 Outstanding Tips To Increase Computer Speed For Windows Pc

How To increase computer speed Slow speed computer is really frustrating .As long as computer or laptop is going old the speed of pc goes very...
unprocessed Raw data example - Tectrick

What Is Raw Data In Computer Science ?

What is Raw Data Raw data is known as source data .It can't be used as processed data but it is used to process the...


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