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Learn about what is software , how to use different software of computer applications . Tutorial and tips about softwares .
Ethernet cable network

Learn About Local Area Network Connection (LAN)

What is local area network connection or Lan A local-area network (LAN) is word used for a computer network . Before learn about LAN , learn...
Protocol definition

Definition of Protocol And its usage In Computing

What is Protocol Protocol in the set of rule and regulations . In IT (information technology) two electronic devices connect and communicate with each others...
Enable or Disable Power Button of keyboard

Enable And Disable Power Button Of Keyboard To Prevent Shut Down In WIndows

Step by step guide to change the power button settings of keyboard or disable it In the Multimedia keyboards there is a power button on...

What Is Database And Why Required In Computer Applications

Database Term database is combination of two words Data and Base . Data means collection of some type of information . And Base is basics...
debugger to debugging errors

Debugging Definition and what is Debugger

What is debugging Word Debugging is made with "De" and "Bugging" . It means remove a bug from any computer program . Bug is a...

What Is Variable In Computer Programming

What Is Variable In computer programming , a variable is a keyword which assign a value . Variable value can be changed according programming conditions...
Match data types

Prestashop -Edit Or Add Bulk Products With Import And Export

Edit or Add Bulk Products In Prestashop There is an other method in prestashop to add or edit bulk products .To add or edit bulk...
Printers are not working in adobe photoshop

Photoshop Error-“There Was An Error Opening Your Printer …. ” ( Solved )

" There wan an error Opening Your Printers . Printing Functions will not be able Until you have selected a printer ....... " In...

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