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Visual studio integrated development environment

Integrated Development Environment ( IDE ) Definition

What is Integrated Development Environment (IDE) IDE or An integrated development environment is a programming environment . It has been package of a software or application...
Unable to print in adobe photoshop- tectrick.orgvideo

Unable to Print In Photoshop Due To Print Option Disabled

Unable to print In Photoshop using Ctrl+p Or Print Command Print option is disabled for some images in adobe Photoshop. When user Press Ctrl+p or go...
Download shareit App

How To Install And Use ShareIt App On Android Phone

What Is ShareIt ShareIt is an application developed by lenovo . ShareIt app is used to share file among devices . In this article you...
what is computer application

What is Computer Software Or Computer Application

What Is Computer Software ? Computer software or computer application is an set of instructions that are readable by the machine or hardware.These machine-readable instructions tell a...
benefits of converting web documents to pdf

3 Benefits of Converting Web Documents to PDF using PDF Converter for .NET

PDF or Portable Document Format today is widely accepted as a publishing standard for organizations and business entities across the world. The versatility of...
Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download .

Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download

Solution for Unknown Network error on downloading Android SDK Android SDK -Unknown Network Error While Download . Unknown Network Error on download Android SDK. This error comes...
Enable or Disable Power Button of keyboard

Enable And Disable Power Button Of Keyboard To Prevent Shut Down In WIndows

Step by step guide to change the power button settings of keyboard or disable it In the Multimedia keyboards there is a power button on...
How To Protect Your Website From Hacking

Web Security – How To Protect Your Website From Hacking

Step 1      Keep software up to date   It may seem obvious, but ensuring you keep all software up to date is vital in...

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