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What Is Database And Why Required In Computer Applications

Database Term database is combination of two words Data and Base . Data means collection of some type of information . And Base is basics...
function working

What Is Term “Function” In Computer Programming

What Is A Function A function is automated method , procedure or module to do some job with automated manner with just call it .It...

What Is Array In Computer Programming – With Code Test Utility

What Is Array Programming languages provides a data structure called the array. It can store a fixed-size sequential collection of elements of the same type. In the...
plugin - definition

Definition Of Term Plugin And Its Working

What is a Plugin A Plugin is complete program (set of functions and codes) to do specific work in the software or website with just...

What Is Variable In Computer Programming

What Is Variable In computer programming , a variable is a keyword which assign a value . Variable value can be changed according programming conditions...

JSON Tutorial- What is JSON

What Is JSON JSON stands for javascript object notation . JSON is part of javascript . It is an new format to design JavaScript in...

What Is Javascript ,Its Usage -Inline and External Javascript

what is Javascript Javascript is a scripting language . It is object oriented programming language . Javascript is the programming language used for web development in...
Object Oriented Language

What Is Object Oriented Programming Or OOP

What Is OOP or Object Oriented Programming Object oriented programming is also called OOP programming . OOP language model designed and worked around objects . In dose not interfere...

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