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Add Account in microsoft outlook

Configure Microsoft Outlook With Webmail Or Custom Email

Step by step guide to configure webmail or custom email account with Microsoft Outlook With configure webmail custom email id with Microsoft outlook user can...

How To Buy Website Name – (Register Domain Name)

A domain name is a specific name of any website . Every website has a unique name ,it is known as domain name. In...
Online store

How To Sell Products Online Step By Step Guide

Step by step guide to sell your products online marketplace In this decade, online selling of products and services increased upto 200% . Only on...
incognito mode

What Is Incognito Mode In Web Browser ? Benefit & Disadvantage

Definition Incognito mode is method to private internet surfing in web browser . It is used to secure and private internet surfing , so that no...
photoshop actions

Actions Adobe Photoshop -How To Record An Action

What is an Action In Adobe Photoshop An action is a series of tasks in photoshop .An action is batch of files or commands that...
loop definition and working

Loop Definition – What Is Loop In Computer Programming

Loop Definition A loop is a sequence of instructions which is continually repeated . This sequence is repeated until a certain condition is reached. When sequence of...

Constant In Computer Programming – Definition and working

Constant is computer programming In computer programming, a constant is an identifier .A constant has an associated value . This value cannot be altered or...
Remove registry in registry editor

How To Remove Registry Manually In Windows 7

Remove Software Registry Manually in windows To remove registry of any application follow these steps . Go to regedit.exe Press windows button from keyboard or go to...

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