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With a wide variety of tutorials and articles on computer software's, hardwares.Tectrick is try to give our reader to valuable content on Computer education.
know about computer? what is computer and its parts

know about computer? what is computer and its parts

what is computer or PC? Computer is an electronic machine that is designed to do many functions and one time.It is also known as PC.The...

Basics of Communication Channel Configurations

Basics of Communication Channel Configurations Communication Channel Configurations ,This string is combination of three different words. "Communication+channel+configurations".Communication means connecting people or places,next word channel means...
Operating system working

What Is OS or Operating System Definition

What is Operating System or OS Operating system or OS  is a basic software or application to run a computer . It provide basic platform...
plugin - definition

Definition Of Term Plugin And Its Working

What is a Plugin A Plugin is complete program (set of functions and codes) to do specific work in the software or website with just...
what is computer application

What is Computer Software Or Computer Application

What Is Computer Software ? Computer software or computer application is an set of instructions that are readable by the machine or hardware.These machine-readable instructions tell a...

What Is Array In Computer Programming – With Code Test Utility

What Is Array Programming languages provides a data structure called the array. It can store a fixed-size sequential collection of elements of the same type. In the...
software bug defination

Software Bug- Definition Of Term In Computer Programming

What Is Software Bug A software bug is an coding error of software or program .This is responsible for flaw, failure, or fault of wrong result...
Remove registry in registry editor

How To Remove Registry Manually In Windows 7

Remove Software Registry Manually in windows To remove registry of any application follow these steps . Go to regedit.exe Press windows button from keyboard or go to...

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