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What Is Array In Computer Programming – With Code Test Utility

What Is Array Programming languages provides a data structure called the array. It can store a fixed-size sequential collection of elements of the same type. In the...
Operating system working

What Is OS or Operating System Definition

What is Operating System or OS Operating system or OS  is a basic software or application to run a computer . It provide basic platform...
know about computer? what is computer and its parts

know about computer? what is computer and its parts

what is computer or PC? Computer is an electronic machine that is designed to do many functions and one time.It is also known as PC.The...
brute force attack

Brute Force Attack-Definition And Security Tips

What is Brute Force Attack Brute Force is a technique to crack the security of website or application. This is one of the way used...
End To End Encryption

What Is End To End Encryption In Computer And Mobile Devices

What is end to end encryption End to end encryption is a system of communication . In this system only the human can read the messages. No...

Learn About Seven HTTP Request Methods And Its Working

HTTP Request Methods List There Are about seven HTTP Request Methods according . These seven methods are as follows OPTIONS GET POST HEAD DELETE PUT TRACE CONNECT OPTIONS METHOD The OPTIONS method represents a...
Add Account in microsoft outlook

Configure Microsoft Outlook With Webmail Or Custom Email

Step by step guide to configure webmail or custom email account with Microsoft Outlook With configure webmail custom email id with Microsoft outlook user can...
comparing pdf vs jpg converter

Comparing Online v/s Offline PDF to JPG Converter

Basic diffrence between online vs offline pdf to jpg converter When it comes to PDF to JPG conversion there are basically two options available for...

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