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Add website to internet

How To Submit Website To Yandex Search

Submit Website To Yandex Webmaster Yandex operates a largest search engine in Russia with about 60% market share in that country. It also develops a number...
Web Hosting on server

What Is HTTP or Hypertext Transfer Protocol

What is HTTP Term HTTP is abbreviation of "Hypertext Transfer Protocol " . This term is combination of three words . It is used to...

make money now from home

make money now from home Making money through an online business or an internet site offers many chances for a good quantity of income. With...
Seo Stop Words List Alphabeticaly-Seo Practices

Seo Stop Words List Alphabeticaly-Seo Practices

What is Stop word in seo Stop words are the words which are ignored by search engines.All search engines ignore stop words to provide write...
What is digicockervideo

DigiLocker -How To Use Digital Locker To Save e-Documents

What is DigiLocker DigiLocker is a digital locker service started by government of india . It is A Digital India Initiative started by Department of Electronics...
cPanel login

cPanel- What is cPanel A Brief Knowladge

What is cPanel cPanel is a control panel for Linux-based hosting accounts and servers. cPanel is the premier (paid) control panel. It automating and simplifying server configuration,...
API secret key and secret id

API- What is API Definition And It’s Uses

What is an API and how an API works Introduction API is abbreviation of application programming interface. API is a set of instructions, protocols and tools for...
Standard License And Creative Commons license

Understand Youtube Rights – Standard License And Creative Commons license

The word license is used to authorize some one else to use the release of something.In standard and creative commons license is used for...

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