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How To Manage Email Account In Cpanel’s Webmail (Send & Read)

Step by step guide to send ,read and manage custom email account using webmail An custom email id looks very professional ,but of user don't...
backlinks Impact

What Is Backlink How Backlinks Helps To Improve Website Traffic

What is Backlink A backlink is a hyperlink which comes from one website to other website . It is also known as incoming link or...
5 Tips to Boost traffic With Low Budget

5 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic On A Limited Budget

Free Tips to Boost Traffic on website Every website needs a steady flow of traffic to stay profitable. Yet, competing for the top spot in...
Poodle-attack- Tectrick

POODLE Attack -Definition ,Working , Testing & Precaution Tips For Browser And Server

What is POODLE attack The POODLE attack (which stands for "Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption") is a man-in-the-middle exploit which takes advantage of Internet...
Seo Stop Words Practices -Avoid Stop Words Tips

Seo Stop Words Practices -Avoid Stop Words Tips

What is stop words in seo ? And Way to avoid stop words Avoid stop words to increase search engine visibility of your website.Stop words...

How To Change Youtube Channel Name To Custom Name

Custom youtube channel name is very helpful to your fans to remember the url of your youtube channel .you can give fans an easy-to-remember web...
Adobe Dreamweaver Split View

Dreamweaver – Uses ,Advantages And Disadvantages

What Is Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Dreamweaver is a web development software . It developed by Macromedia which is acquired by Adobe Systems  later. Adobe Dreamweaver is...
Wordpress Installation Root Folder

How To Find WordPress Installation Root Folder

Go To Softaculous To Find Wordpress Installation Root Folder To Find wordpress root folder Login to cPanel .  After that go to software and services...

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