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Understand HTTP Status Code 1xx (100,101,102 ) Meaning

HTTP Status Codes 1xx (100 ,101, 102) Meaning HTTP Status Code 1xx is the first class of HTTP response status . It represents that client...
What is a Url or Uniform Source Locator

What is a URL Definition or Uniform Resource Locator And Its Working

URL Definition URL is the short form of uniform Resource locator. URL is specific location of file on a computer network or internet. For example "" .  URL...
5 Tips to Boost traffic With Low Budget

5 Ways to Boost Your Website Traffic On A Limited Budget

Free Tips to Boost Traffic on website Every website needs a steady flow of traffic to stay profitable. Yet, competing for the top spot in...
Fix Whatsapp Web QR Code Scan Not Working Problemvideo

Fix Whatsapp Web QR Code Not Working On Scanning Problem

QR code scan not working in whatsapp Whatsapp Web QR Code is used to connect android whatsapp with PC browser . But sometime you face...
solution Updates Are Disabled By The Administrator

Solution -Updates Are Disabled By The Administrator In Chrome

Error Updates Are Disabled By The Administrator Chrome error "Updates Are Disabled By The Administrator " , cause not administrator account permission . This error comes in google...

PHP SuperGlobals – $_SERVER Global Variable

PHP - $_SERVER SuperGlobal Variable In PHP $_SERVER is also a superglobal variable just like $_POST , $_GET and $_GLOBALS . Superglobals are accessible from...
What Is A Web Server, How It Works

What Is A Web Server, How It Works

What Is A Web Server Web Server is a application or a program that is compatible to communicate with other computers to send and receive information...

What Is Shared Hosting -All Basics

Shared Hosting Shared hosting is a web hosting service . If you don't know about web hosting read this . Shared hosting is most popular type of...

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