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Search Engine is a key to promote or boost traffic of a website . All of processes that influence search engine to send more visitors to your website is known as search engine optimization or SEO . Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a wide a debatable topic since the internet born . This category contains all basic and advanced Search Engine Optimization article , tutorials , videos and question and answer forum . You can easily learn what is SEO , how to start search engine optimization of website , blog or app , submit website to google , track your visitors start , track the page performance . You can also learn how small change in webdesign can boost your website traffic such as tips to speed up page loading and image optimization . To Make Search engine friendly website or app you have to focus on many aspects such as website design , content , titles and meta tags , seo friendly urls etc.    
Title Tag & Seo

Genuine Seo Friendly Title Tag Tips

Genuine Seo Friendly Title Tag Tips What is seo friendly title tag: Title tag is part of the meta tags that appear at the top of...
Click on Verification details

Website Verification Methods Google Webmaster Tools

Step by step website verification  for google webmaster tools What is website verification After create google webmaster account website verification is required. Without website verification you...

Definition of Url and how url working

Definition of Url and how url works what is url Word  URL is short form of  Uniform Resource Locator. A url is looks like a text...
Track Page level Traffic Stats

How To Track Traffic Specific Page Stats Using Google Analytics- Segments

Track Traffic Stats of specific page In google Analytics user can track traffic stats of specific web page using segments . It is a renowned...
Website Traffic And Adsense revenue Dropped On SSL-TecTrickvideo

Solution-Adsense Revenue And Traffic Suddenly Dropped After Switch On SSL (https://)

Many of the adsense users face the problem of adsense revenue and website traffic suddenly dropped when they switch their website to SSL version...

How To Check Traffic Metrics and Stats Using Cpanel

Step by step way to check traffic metrics and stats using cpanel metrics tab You can check your website traffic metrics using Cpanel . With...
spamdexing keyword-stuffing

What is Spamdexing-Tips to Avoid It

What is Spamdexing,how it impact on website's SEO What is spamdexing in SEO ? The term spamdexing is used is seo (search engine optimization).This word is...

Step By Step Google Analytics “Real Time” Tab Tutorial

Step By Step Google Analytics "Real Time" Tab Tutorial HI, This is complete tutorial about google analytics real time tab. "Real Time" tab is located in...

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