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What is google analytics. How it works and how to use google analytics to increase search engine optimization.
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Create Google Analytics Account & Add Website In It

Create A Google Analytics Account To create a new google analytics account and go to . The click on sign in link on top right corner...
Bounce Rate Of Website

What Is Bounce Rate Of Website And How To Check It

Bounce Rate Bounce Rate is website traffic analytic matric . Bounce Rate is percentage of single-page sessions left by the user . It is percentage of single-page...
header.tpl file example in prestashop

Add Google Analytics Code in Prestashop Without Any Module

Step By Step Guide google analytics tracking code in prestashop without module This is tutorial to how to add google analytics code in your prestashop...
google analytics admin tab

Google Analytics-Stop My Own Page Views counting

How to stop google analytics stop my own page views counting Google analytics is a traffic analytics tool for websites and applications developed by google.After...

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