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What Is WordPress CMS , How To Use WordPress All About WordPress

Almost every person who linked with web designing and development or every second person who think about website making must listen about wordpress may...
410-Response-Code definition

410 HTTP Status Code Definition , Working And Usage

What is 410 response code ? 410 Is a HTTP status code .410 http status code is used to tell the server or search engine...
SSL padlock not displayingvideo

Green Padlock Not Displaying On Address Bar After Installation Of SSL Certificate

Why Green Padlock Not Displaying ? Green padlock is not showing even after installation of ssl certificate on website .Security padlock is only displayed when...

What Is Htaccess File -Definition , Working And Usage

What is .htaccess file htaccess is text file on web server . It is used to control the website behavior and security . htaccess is...
How to login Cpanel Step By Step Guide

What is Cpanel , Tools Of Cpanel And How To Use It

What is Cpanel What is cpanel ? this is a normal question in beginners mind .Cpanel definition is simple . cPanel is a Linux-based web...
Insert Vat Number In Prestashop Invoice

Prestashop Solution-2 Steps To Insert Vat Number In Invoice

Prestashop use smarty files . So you can't insert VAT number on invoice with just doing html changes. To insert it you must have...

Website not working -Out Of Memory Fatal Error Solution

Solution Of Fatal Error - Out Of Memory allocated For Not Working Website This is a major problem in website when traffic increased but website...
Gzip Compression Using .Htaccess

Enable Gzip Compression Using .Htaccess To SpeedUp Website

Enable Gzip Gzip compression is very helpful to boost the speed of a website. By enabling developer can reduce the server load . In this...

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