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header.tpl file example in prestashop

Add Google Analytics Code in Prestashop Without Any Module

Step By Step Guide google analytics tracking code in prestashop without module This is tutorial to how to add google analytics code in your prestashop...
Solution: error @ media print Style sheet Not Working

Solution: error @ media print Style sheet Not Working

@ media print query is used as print format of webpage.Common causes of error @ media print style sheet not working.Print media style used with three...
Custom Wordpress Header

Create A Custom Header Template For WordPress Page

Step by step guide to create custom page header without plugin With using custom header template in your WordPress website pages ,you can give unique...

Solution- Onclick Function Not Working WordPress Post

How to insert onclick function in wordpress posts onclick function is a javascript function. It is used to execute some code or some function on...
Bootstrap Navbar Header Overlap Body Content

Solution-Bootstrap Navbar Header Overlap Body Content

Error : Bootstrap Top Navbar header Overlap Body Content of page When you create a fixed navbar header with bootstrap css there is a problem...
Run Php On Localhost Using Xampp

Run PHP On Local Server Using XAMPP

What is PHP PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor . It is a open source general-purpose scripting language . PHP is suitable for web development and...
Make Money From Blog

How To Earn Money From Blog Or Website

Step by step learn how to earn money from Blog Get advertisement for generating income  on blogs and websites is a highly growing profession from...
SSL padlock not displayingvideo

Green Padlock Not Displaying On Address Bar After Installation Of SSL Certificate

Why Green Padlock Not Displaying ? Green padlock is not showing even after installation of ssl certificate on website .Security padlock is only displayed when...

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