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PHP Lessons- Create An Array In PHP Programming

PHP Array An Array is a variable that can hold more than one value . To create an array in PHP syntax is almost same...

How To Create Website Yourself – Learn Web Designing

How to Create a website Yourself From Last decade internet is spreading all over the world , even metro cities to small towns . Creating...
What is a Url or Uniform Source Locator

What is a URL Definition or Uniform Resource Locator And Its Working

URL Definition URL is the short form of uniform Resource locator. URL is specific location of file on a computer network or internet. For example "http://tectrick.org/category/internet/" .  URL...
Save work as Html And Images Only

Adobe Photoshop-Convert .Psd To Html Three Steps

Convert .psd to html is very useful,when you are going to create a website theme. To convert .psd to html file follow these four...
html and css validation service

Html, CSS Validation Importance In SEO

What is Html and CSS validation, Why it is important in seo What is validation Validation means testing.HTML, CSS validation means test the coding standards and...
Xampp control panel

How To Install XAMPP In Windows Step By Step

What is XAMPP XAMPP is a free open source free web server solution stack package . It is developed by Apache Friends . It is a...
Solution: error @ media print Style sheet Not Working

Solution: error @ media print Style sheet Not Working

@ media print query is used as print format of webpage.Common causes of error @ media print style sheet not working.Print media style used with three...
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What is A Website or Web page- Complete Definition

what is a website Website is an web page or collection of multiple web pages. When a user create a website,it means he create a systematic...

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