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JSON Tutorial- What is JSON

What Is JSON JSON stands for javascript object notation . JSON is part of javascript . It is an new format to design JavaScript in...
What is PHP

PHP Definition And Diffrence Between HTML And PHP

What is php PHP is a open source scripting language .It stands for hypertext preprocessor . Hypretext Preprocessor means it is not processed after loading...
Create New Php Wordpress

WordPress- Create New Php File In WordPress Theme

Add new .php file in wordpress theme For personalized wordpress themes custom .php files are very important. By default you can't create new php file...
html and css validation service

Html, CSS Validation Importance In SEO

What is Html and CSS validation, Why it is important in seo What is validation Validation means testing.HTML, CSS validation means test the coding standards and...
Seo Stop Words List Alphabeticaly-Seo Practices

Seo Stop Words List Alphabeticaly-Seo Practices

What is Stop word in seo Stop words are the words which are ignored by search engines.All search engines ignore stop words to provide write...
Bootstrap Navbar Header Overlap Body Content

Solution-Bootstrap Navbar Header Overlap Body Content

Error : Bootstrap Top Navbar header Overlap Body Content of page When you create a fixed navbar header with bootstrap css there is a problem...
New vs returning visitor

What is New Visitor and Returning Visitor In Google Analytics

New visitor and returning visitor are the visitor analyzing metrics in google analytics tool . These metrics are used about learn website traffic quality...

How To Manage Email Account In Cpanel’s Webmail (Send & Read)

Step by step guide to send ,read and manage custom email account using webmail An custom email id looks very professional ,but of user don't...

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