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Fill the field to create subdomain

Sub Domain- What Is It And How To Create Subdomain

Subdomain - How to create ,uses and delete subdomains What is subdomain ? A subdomain is a child domain of main domain. It is as sub...
list of scripts

What is Softaculous – Install Scripts Using Softaculous

What is softaculous Softaculous is free apps installer software . It is mostly pre-installed in cPanel and DirectAdmin . Softaculous is high speed auto installer for scripts...
cPanel login

cPanel- What is cPanel A Brief Knowladge

What is cPanel cPanel is a control panel for Linux-based hosting accounts and servers. cPanel is the premier (paid) control panel. It automating and simplifying server configuration,...

Website not working -Out Of Memory Fatal Error Solution

Solution Of Fatal Error - Out Of Memory allocated For Not Working Website This is a major problem in website when traffic increased but website...
Click on Email Accounts

Cpanel -Create Custom Email Account With Domain Name

How to create a Custom email Account or Email Id In this lesson learn how to create a custom email account with your website such...

How To Manage Email Account In Cpanel’s Webmail (Send & Read)

Step by step guide to send ,read and manage custom email account using webmail An custom email id looks very professional ,but of user don't...

How To Find Database Name In PrestaShop

Step to Find Database Name For your Prestashop website Prestashop database name is required for many purposes such as mass changes in your store ,...
Change File Permission

How To Change Permission-Cpanel Permissions Definition

What is Permissions in cpanel Permissions is a feature provided in cpanel for control files access by others . Permissions can control 3 things of...

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